Text This Buster

So it's been busy. After declaring my intention to release something interesting every week, I'm stuck toiling away at my keyboard working on more things people will never see. Ah, it pays the bills.

But I haven't forgotten my pledge. So here's two things - one new and one old.

We'll start with the old. Arguably not as useful as when first released - because everyone has a smartphone now - I've updated the SMS 'ping' tool by moving it to Twilio. Sure, I'll bet your smart phone can already do this, but in case it can't - or you just don't want to find and install the 'ping' app, text an IP/domain to 215-703-7945. Don't worry, it's just a plain 'ol text message, it'll work with your iPhone

But what's the upgrade? Now you can text multiple ips/domains, just separate them with a space.

Now something new, tasked with finding a replacement for my grandmother's crossword puzzle solver, I entered the world of little handheld spell-checkers, dejumblers, and crossword solvers. And I failed. But we'll leave that for another time. It seemed to me that the functions of these little devices would fit nicely into an SMS app, so when Twilio announced SMS support I gave it a shot.

  • Text a word to get it spellchecked.
  • Text * and (currently) up to 7 characters to get them dejumbled.
  • Text a word with underscores for missing letters to solve crosswords.

And the number for that: 484-748-0996

Tim Lytle [02/16/10 09:28:14] | 0 Comments | Stream