Vote for Me!

Wow. I have so not released something every week. I haven’t even blogged once a week.

This life stuff - it’s crazy.

But recently I have released two OpenVBX plugins.

What’s OpenVBX you ask? It’s an opensource web application you install on your own webserver. Connect it to a Twilio account and -- bingo, you have your own personal phone solution. Like google voice, or onebox - only it’s yours.

Back to the plugins. I’ve released two so far. The ‘Directory’ plugin does the standard phone system directory thing - letting the caller dial a few digits then offering to connect them to one of the matches. Pretty standard stuff there. If it were in a contest, I’d definitely vote for it.

‘Click-To-Flow’ lets you connect a web form to one of your call flows - allowing you to take one of those nifty ‘put in your number and we’ll call you’ forms and connect a person to a complex web of menus you’ve defined. Or you could just connect them to a straightforward automated system that does what they’d expect. It’s really your call there - that’s what open source is all about.

So what are you waiting for? Go vote for one of my plugins - since they were both nominated in Twilio’s OpenVBX Community Contest. Or just use them. Because that makes me happy too. Assuming you then tell me about it - because how else would I find out?

Tim Lytle [07/09/10 16:42:31] | 1312 Comments | Stream